At Lu-Ma, we are passionate about serving food with– no hidden surprises, no dodgy labelling, just honest, real food!

We do this by eliminating foods that we know do not serve our body well – these foods are red meat, dairy and
refined sugar. Instead, we use foods that nourish our bodies – fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains, plus for our desserts we use natural sweeteners such as rice syrup and maple syrup.

In addition, we like to use complex carbohydrates. Without going into too much detail, complex carbohydrates don’t spike your blood sugar levels, unlike simple carbohydrates; so, in basic terms, will give you a long lasting, steady release of energy. We use short grain brown rice (not white rice) and for our jacket potatoes we’ve swapped the traditional spud for a sweet potato, a complex carbohydrate.

Chickpea curry and rice .jpg

What does your 7 day package include ?
- Morning shot, Breakfast, Morning snack, Lunch, Afternoon snack and Dinner.
- All our dishes are created to be balanced with the seasons in mind and all the nutriments the body needs.

What about our food ?
- Our menus are created by our executive chef Angela Agrati Prange who have 40 years of experience in macrobiotic cuisine
- Where possible our fruits and vegetables are organic and locally sourced.
- Our food is free of dairy, gluten and refined sugar.
- Our beans and pulses are soaked in seaweeds to eliminate gases and combined with our homemade pickles, it will support the digestive system

Once purchased, we will contact you within 48 hours to organise the start date of the programme. 


Not including delivery charges