We’d like to take this opportunity to give you a little bit of background about Lu-Ma café in Wimbledon – our food, our philosophy and our vision.

We are Lu-Ma, Lucy (Lu) and Maria (Ma). We are a mother and daughter team who are passionate about creating a place where healthy eating is easy – no hidden surprises, no dodgy labelling, just honest, real food!

We do this by eliminating foods that we know do not serve our body well – these foods are red meat, dairy and refined sugar. Instead, we use foods that nourish our bodies – fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains, plus for our desserts we use natural sweeteners such as rice syrup and maple syrup.

In addition, we like to use complex carbohydrates.  Without going into too much detail, complex carbohydrates don’t spike your blood sugar levels, unlike simple carbohydrates; so, in basic terms, will give you a long lasting, steady release of energy.  We use short grain brown rice (not white rice) and for our jacket potatos we’ve swapped the traditional spud for a sweet potato, a complex carbohydrate.

Our food does not deprive or starve and is not restrictive, and we create some of the most common dishes from sandwiches to brownies and even cheesecake from a wide variety of Mother Nature’s ingredients.

  • Our coffee is supplied by Tudor coffees who are part of the Rainforest Alliance

  • Our takeaway packaging is from Veg Ware and is all completely compostable

So that’s us for now. We hope to keep growing and be able to fulfil our vision even more in the future.

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