Molly's Smile Fund

Yesterday was a very special day in Wimbledon, as Molly's Smile Fund held their Fitness challenge in South Park Gardens. It was a great event raising £4000 which is going to be donated to St Mary's University for a Dyslexic Suite. Throughout the day there was lots of sports and fitness challenges so the supporters were going to get hungry in between working out. Lu-Ma were the official caterers for the day so we wanted to provide food and snacks that would work well with people exercising. The Lu-Ma chefs made delicious vegetable curry with brown rice to provide a filling, nutritious meal for when people had finished working out. There was also a lighter option of wraps with healthy fillings. For in between workouts there were healthy snacks including nutballs and popchips, and if anyone wanted a quick energy boost they could go for a juice. There was also lots of kids fun activities going on in the park, so Lu-Ma created little lunch box bags filled with wholegrain pesto pasta, chocolate milk and fresh fruit. Even the Mayor came to join in the fun!

It was a fabulous day that Lu-Ma were very grateful we could part of!

Even the Mayor came to join in the fun!