Acid V Alkaline Diet

Acid v Alkaline

You may have come across the terms acid and alkaline in terms of the food you eat, in this post we will try and explain this to give you a better understanding of whether the food you are eating has an acid or alkaline value, and how this can harm/ benefit your health.

It all starts with going back to looking at the basics:

Ph Value: Acidosis 1 - 7 - 14 alkalosis

Drinking water = 7

Blood ph 7.3 - 7.45 = healthy

If your blood levels go above or below the healthy levels, it will have a serious effect on our health.

Blood ph 7.1 - acid! = degenerative disease: cancer, diabetes type 2, Ms,

Blood ph 6.9 - extremely acid! = Comma diabeticum,

Like with everything, balance is always key! Our bodies can also become to alkaline

(could be caused by taking too much alkaline forming medicine)

7.6 ph blood - alkaline! = Muscle seizure.

7.8 ph blood - extremely alkaline = heart seizure

Acid build up in the body can be due to modern lifestyle factors including diet, these add extra acid forming factors. In our bodies we have buffer systems, these are there to eliminate the acid in our bodies. But we don't have an infinite supply of these mineral, enzymes and hormones. Over the years of our bodies having to work extra hard to neutralise all the acid, the bodies buffering systems begin to run out and the bodies start to have a build up of acid. This is when the problems occur! Acid builds up in the body and the fluid around the cells, and a healthy alkaline state is difficult to maintain. Over time acid builds up and weakens all the organs and immune system, causing changes in the internal environment that allows infection, inflammation and other symptoms to arise,

Acid forming foods:

*Proteins, fats, simple sugar and refined carbohydrate are acid forming.

*Foods and drinks concentrated in these will be very acid forming. Of course we need these but consuming excessive amounts and poor quality foods brings an acid load to the blood and around the cells.

*Chemicals and all refined foods are acid forming foods, these foods are lacking in minerals especially alkaline forming minerals.

Affects of to much acid on the body:

*Key sign of acid build up is fatigue! People who are always tired usually have acid accumulation in the tissue and joints.

*Over time acid builds up and weakens all the organs and immune system, causing changes in the internal environment that allows infection, inflammation and other symptoms to arise.

*Most of the diseases such as cancer, diabetes have roots in chronicle acid presence in the blood, tissues and organs.

*Immune systems disorders and mental illness. One of the biggest problems of today that plague the modern world, have their beginnings in chronicle acid build up.

How to become more alkaline:

*The most practical way is through foods! Following the principles of a Macrobiotic diet.

*Eating less acid foods, will use less alkaline to neutralise the acidic affect, which will leave you having more energy. Maintaining healthy alkaline blood.

*Whole grains are not acidifying when properly prepared. Eat more of these and less refined carbohydrate.

* Drink alkaline forming tea:

Mu tea (medicinal tea)

Kukicha (Twig tea)

*Remember the less simple sugar you put into your body the less stress there is going to be on your body.

All the above information is taken from our Talk Night with Kenneth Prange. Kenneth Prange is a teacher and health practitioner with over 38 years experience, Ken has an extraordinary knowledge of Macrobiotic principles, of foods and their effect on the body. This lifelong learning is transmitted to people with a great passion and energy, enthusing all to look at their own food and lifestyle choices and see where they can be changed for the better. Ken will be making visits back to the UK and Lu-Ma where you can book in to have a consultation with him. To book a consultation with him or speak to him directly his email address is