Mindful Eating Over Christmas

Christmas can be a very tricky time for people who care about their health. Those that try to eat healthily the rest of the year are suddenly bombarded with unhealthy temptations from all directions. If this is something you are worried about then Anna Desogus workshop could really help you to stay on track!

Health & Wellness Coach Anna Desogus is based in Wimbledon and offers consultations as well as practical sessions. She accompanies her clients to their local food shops, parks, and even into their kitchens to help them transition from theory to practice.

The areas which can be addressed during Anna's programmes include weight management, digestion, sleep, stress management, energy levels and overall fitness.

Anna's work is based on a holistic approach. Rather than just focusing on diet or physical activity, Anna encourages her clients to look at the bigger picture and observe how different aspects of life are all interconnected.

I wanted to find out more about Anna, and asked her the following questions.

What is your favourite dish at Lu-Ma:

Chickpea curry

What will I be eating on Christmas Day?

Left-overs from Christmas Eve! I will be celebrating with my family in Poland where Christmas Eve is the biggest celebration day. We will have many different fish dishes with my mum's herrings being my favourites. There will also be some delicious traditional dumplings, pierogi, with sauerkraut and mushrooms.

To find out more visit www.annadesogus.com