Whats Happening in Lu-ma

Tonight we have the MERTON BEST BUSINESS AWARDS, Lu-Ma have been nominated for 'Best Restaurant in Wimbledon'

along with the Hotel who also in the finals in two categories.


October is just around the corner and all of the long Summer holiday season is behind us. Children back at school happily reunited with their new and old friends, parents back on the busy school run. Don't forget we offer the peace you may just be looking for to enjoy a delicious Tumeric latte, Green tea, Matcha latte and many more, complimented with a breakfast or delicious raw cake. Great environment for a parent catch up!!

We have our late nights now twice a month, these happen on the first and the third Friday of each month, as one of the very few places in Wimbledon offering Vegan/ Vegetarian dishes, our evenings are often busy so we would recommend booking on 020 8296 6714. Equally after the success of Baby Showers, Private party hire and Christmas Party enquiries, we are happy to discuss your requirements.

We are really looking forward to Angela and Ken our very experienced Whole food chefs and nutritionalist working with us on a permanent basis. With many years of experience working at the Sha in Alicante as both Head Chef and Head Nutritionalist, I'm sure we will be gifted with their knowledge and expertise. Moving forward we will be looking to create a 'Grab and Go' within the cafe, this should compliment our current Deliveroo service making it so much easier for everyone to access good clean eating.

Our new menu will be introduced in October with the colder weather in mind, back by massive requests for so many customers will be our delicious Vegan Meat Balls, they truly are the best. The website will be uploaded with all of the deliciousness of our new menu within the coming weeks so keep a look out. Let us know what dishes you prefer, we can always create customer specials in line with your requests.

A visit to FX Mayr Clinic

Blog from Maria (the Ma of Lu-Ma)

A visit to Mayr Clinic Blog from Maria


My 21 day detox experience

Well I’ve reached the end on my 21 day detox, 14 days in Austria at the Original FX Mayr and 7 days at home. I feel so good. Initially arriving with anxiety, being alone and entering into an intense program of understanding the body, nutrition, and exercise. After listening to stories of being 'served stale dry bread' 'being starved' 'institutionalised dining experiences' which kept whirling through my head, I thought 'am I doing the right thing! I would ask myself, 'why am I doing this!!'

On arrival after missing the connection at Vienna (creating more crazy thoughts - I'll be late, I'll have to walk into a strange place and will have missed the first introductions etc). I fortunately meet a couple of other people also en route to the Mayr, all looking very relaxed and very friendly, they too had missed the connecting flight. We chatted, went and ate and had a delicious glass of rose wine to pass them time waiting for our next connecting flight. Two of them were on their second visit and offered lots of reassurance that 'it will be fine' ' don't listen to the stories, there just stories'.

We finally arrived and were greeted by staff in traditional Austrian costume, very welcoming and smiley. After signing in I was taken to my room which was perfect with windows looking out to an amazing view of Lake Worthersee. I settled myself in and with a big smile told myself this would be great and so far so good. The first evening we were served 'vegetable broth!!!' surprisingly it was sufficient. Off to my room to study the schedule for the week. With daily exercise classes, massages, Drs. appointments, Kneipping, swimming, hiking, boat trips, evening lectures on health, medical benefits, lymphatic drainage, life after Mayr and any other additional treatments you may choose to gift yourself with during you stay, it seemed that my two weeks would be busy indulging myself into the program whilst also enjoying free time lying by the river Worthersee on the comfortably furnished decked sunbathing platform.

The Mayr program is a 21 day detox, serving breakfast of millet porridge with a (small) dollop of almond butter spread, or a goats milk yoghurt with buckwheat bread, gradually increasing over the days to include an egg or salmon. Optional broth is offered at 11am, lunch initially a bowl of soup with a piece of buckwheat bread and a small pot of hempseed / linseed oil, again later through the program working up to additional crackers and spread and finally protein and vegetables. The final meal of the day is bullion again further through the program corn crackers and spread can be added. Yes, it seems minimal but surprisingly adequate. Throughout the day it is recommended that 3 litres of fluid should be drank in the form of water or herbal teas.

My goal was to gain a greater insight into an acid/alkaline diet (me personally being a very acidic person, what is the balance, how is it achievable, what Knowledge can I gain?). Well I learnt so much firstly about myself and my diet then the added bonus of what we eat, when we eat and most importantly 'HOW WE EAT'! Each meal slowly eaten of a teaspoon, chewing is the key, each spoonful 20-30 times. This is the part that supports the whole program, helping us to understand the importance of food and the time we give to appreciate it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole program, gaining so many insights into diets, habits and health. I definitely give 5* to the team whole are so supportive the whole way through giving 100% to the program and participants.

Where am I now? Well I’m absolutely delighted with the end results. With a greater understanding of the acidity / alkaline balance I seem to have control over my acidiy supported with an alkalising base powder recommended by the clinic. Training with the controlled chewing has defiantly given my digestive system a rest, I can see the difference (and so can so many others!!), my whole frame especially around my torso has reduced quite considerably. When I spoke with my Dr. at Mayr she informed me this is because the rested digestive system settles down in turn the diaphragm is able also to drop allowing the rib girdle to move closer together. I’m not a medically trained person to quantify this, but I’m sure there is truth in it given the reduction in my frame. An added bonus was the weight loss of just under 5 kg over the 21 days. Overall I feel amazing albeit a little weaker as there’s not so much protein or carbs through the detox, now that’s over its time for me to gradually start to return to a full nutritious diet remembering – how much do I really need to eat? make sure I have enough time to sit and enjoy eating food remembering to chew, honouring what goes into my body, is it good quality, what is the nutritional value, avoid snacks through the day, exercise well and most importantly, be happy and enjoy what you do!!!!

Thank you to the Mayr Team for their support through the programme.