Fabulous Flora's rave review of her first Lu-Ma experience

We were fortunate to have food and fitness blogger Flora into the café recently, and she posted the below review.

Thank you Flora for taking the time to visit us and for writing such lovely things! Welcome back any time.

Lu-ma "Visiting this restaurant was well worth the journey to Wimbledon. Having recently won the title of the ‘Best Restaurant in Merton’, I was expecting great things from the food, but what stood out even more was the friendly and passionate atmosphere. I had the privilege of talking to the owner, Maria, over lunch. Lu-ma is a wholefood/vegan/vegetarian café and whilst not purely vegan, it is quite clear that sustainability is at the heart of the business (for example all the takeaway containers/cutlery are vegware, so compostable). This café also caters to other dietary requirements, such as coeliac, but thankfully doesn’t have the snobby, exclusive vibe that a lot of these places have. 10/10 would recommend. I’ve not been into such a friendly cafe as Lu-ma in a long time!"

You can find the full blog post, citing us amongst some fabulous vegan-friendly restaurants and cafés all over London, here https://foodfitnessflora.blog/2018/01/12/top-vegan-cafes-in-london/

If you are a food blogger and are interested in coming to Lu-Ma and finding out more about us please do drop us an email or turn up and have a chat, we would be more than happy to meet you.