New egg supplier uses rescued battery farmed chickens!

Our new egg supplier Farmaround, rescues chickens from battery farms! Company 'Farmaround' has an initiative called Hen Nation, a model of production which enables each hen to live out its full natural life. In a normal system, whether battery or indeed free-range, hens are generally gassed or killed by other means at 72 weeks. At Farmaround they live happy, traditional, free-range lives - free to graze grass and forage in traditional hay meadows in their North Yorkshire home.

One box of eggs a week saves the life of one hen! What Farmaround say: "We run a farm and equine rescue centre from our farm in North Yorkshire which has now become the happy home for 1200 Farmaround hens. These 1200 hens would have been facing the end of their lives if it had not been for the compassion shown by Farmaround. Deemed by the egg industry to be past the age of reliable consistent egg laying they would have been destroyed despite the fact that they actually have so many egg laying years left.

The girls are situated in one of our barns that we have carefully converted to suit there every need, it offers them a safe place to sleep at night with custom built perches and many peaceful straw lined nest boxes.

During the day we open the huge barn doors and they have the freedom to roam, scratch, dust bathe and climb walls in a 10 acre traditional hay meadow which they share with a small group of British native goats that we saved from slaughter in November 2012.

These lucky hens will now live out the rest of their natural lives assured of the very best love, care and attention and this in turn will provide Farmaround customers with tasty high welfare eggs from truly happy hens."

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