Director of AFC Wimbledon's weight loss journey with Lu-Ma

“Many of you will know I have been on a quest to reverse the onset of diabetes. So far so good!” - Ivor.

We were first introduced to Ivor Heller, Director AFC Wimbledon, through a mutual friend who felt it would be beneficial for us both to build connections. Our initial meeting involved discussions about the ventures of AFC Wimbledon, the new stadium and their exciting fund-raising activities. We also talked about how food has become a very important part of the lives of football personalities and how much the AFC players may enjoy the food offered at Lu-Ma.

From our first meeting we decided to become members of the business club at AFC, wanting to feel involved and part of the community project. Our relationship built and we began to hold fund-raising events at Lu-Ma. These events were a great way to bring people in to talk about Lu-Ma, the food and ethos behind it. Enquiries began to grow thereafter from the AFC members and Ivor himself.

A few months after this, Ivor discovered that his glycaemic levels were high and that he needed to pay attention to what was going on for him as this could lead to type 2 diabetes.

He approached us for some help and advice in ways to eat, and general lifestyle tips. This is when we stepped in and helped kick start his fantastic weight loss journey!

"Lu-Ma have made it all possible. Perfect way for weight loss to happen in a healthy environment." - Ivor

In January, we discussed a food plan, likes, dislikes, eating patterns etc. From this we then moved onto creating a specific food plan that would address the high glycemic levels, meeting with Ivor’s food requirements. The plan was put together for Ivor to follow for three weeks. Including breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the meals were fresh, low calorie, vegan meals without any gluten, dairy or refined sugar in them. We also talked about Ivor’s lifestyle – changes and adaptations that would be recommended to support him on this journey.

Pictured: A selection of our food that was incorporated into Ivor's programme

With updates every couple of days Ivor showed 100% commitment with supportive feedback. His 21 day journey with Lu-Ma’s food included us making all the necessary arrangements to fit in with this busy lifestyle, incorporating travelling, meetings and functions.

“I thought I had nothing to lose and would give it a try.” - Ivor

“I learnt so much about foods I like, and those that I don’t like as much. I enjoyed pretty much all the meals and discovered things like black rice which is much lower GI than regular white rice and makes a healthier alternative. I really enjoyed the way they prepared vegetables, things like parsnips and I found myself trying new foods (some I liked a lot more than others).

I also stopped drinking coffee and snacking just for the sake of it. The first week without coffee was so hard and I felt physically terrible, with really bad headaches. But now I don’t even fancy it, I sometimes have tea with a splash of oat milk or peppermint tea instead.

I don’t feel like eating red meat or processed foods like sausages, bacon or ham at all anymore, and they used to be a fairly big part of my diet.

Before changing my eating habits I suffered with horrible night sweats which went within three days.

I’ve had a painful knee for many years but since losing weight my pain has almost gone away and I am trying to walk as much as possible every day.

Sometimes I can easily do a 2.5 mile walk which was something that would have been difficult previously.

“I am really loving life right now, I feel fantastic. If I can do it, anyone can.”

Ivor lost almost 10kg (22lbs) in 6 weeks and is keen to continue to lose more. His partner Lisa, who is a really big support to him, is now cooking healthy meals at home, from the knowledge they gained from Ivor following our programme.

A selection of Tweets from Ivor showing how he incorporated Lu-Ma's programme into all aspects of his life from AGM's to curry nights!

20th January 2020

Well the day has finally come. I am pre-diabetic so the amazing @Lumaloves exec chef Angela and owner Maria have stepped in. I’m a whopping 84kg. Detox has started. 21 days! I want to play in the .@AFCWimbledon sponsors match this year! #plantbasedfood#detox#COYD

28th January 2020

Well I’m at .@AFCWimbledon where my dinner is a little different to normal. @Lumaloves Have me at it. The weight will@fall@iff me. 3 points tonight please and I won’t eat until the morning. #coyd

29th January 2020

What a meal tonight. Best yet!! @Lumaloves strike again. I’m @TheDonsTrust AGM . @AFCWimbledon it’s 9.30pm and I’m not even peckish. No snacks! I’m a serial snacker. Actually I was. #detox#plantbased#happydays

3rd February 2020

One week to go! @Lumaloves did a great job over the weekend. I went to Accy on Friday for

@AFCWimbledon Took my food with me. That was tough. Today you can see I’m on my bike and had my mid morning snack. It’s part of the detox! Gotta be done. #detox #plant-based

4th February 2020

@AFCWBC tonight. Our annual curry night. @Lumalovesprepared a beautiful meal. Not a curry but was delicious. My only craving has been for a curry.

@AFCWimbledon and the bond have been the hot topic tonight. #detox#plantbased#lovearuby

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